Do you take away the waste or do you throw it in my trash can?

We remove all waste from the property and dispose of it.


Does my dog have to be put up when you service?

We have a extensive experience with dogs! Your dog can be in the yard, but if your dog will not allow us to scoop we ask that it is put up.


Do I need to be home when my yard is serviced?

No, we try to give notice shortly before servicing your yard. We just ask that all gates are unlocked and we will make sure all gates are closed when we leave.


Do you service when it is raining?

Yes, we will service unless it is unsafe with weather such as lightning and heavy rain. If this happens we will reschedule with the customer.


Can I use dog waste as fertilizer?

No, dog waste is very high in protein, which takes a lot to break down. Leaving the waste on the ground can kill the grass under and around or leave stains on your lawn.